Supporting fundraising for the equestrian world.

Co-founded by Tatiana, Horse Hub is a market place and community platform which helps fundraising for any equestrian organisation. You can buy or sell anything to the equestrian world, you can list and advertise your business to thousands of others, all for free.

How are we supporting fundraising for the equestrian world?

Connect to up to 4 organisations that you’re a member of. (Eg, Your local hunt, Pony Club, Organisation - such as British Eventing etc.

By joining Horse Hub and connecting, you can increase the member numbers for your club or equestrian organisation, which in turn attracts business advertisers. We share our profits from business advertising with our member organisations.

And by the way, we take absolutely no commission on anything bought or sold.

It’s a great way for everyone to help fundraising for the equestrian world, just by joining, for free.

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Small equine businesses don’t have the extra time or cash to spend on promoting themselves. On Horse Hub, it’s completely free to upload your business and be seen by thousands of others in the equestrian world.

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Brand new or pre-loved, buy and sell horses, tack, trucks, equipment, homes, clothing and well, basically anything!

We also have a WANTED section for you to reach out to like minded equestrians to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Horse sales

Changing the way we buy and sell horses. Firstly, it’s completely free to upload your horse. Secondly, we take absolutely no commission. Other online equine marketplaces are charging to list items and also taking commission on sales. Madness.

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